Errol Delaney

Snarky Shutterbug


Errol Delaney is an unrepentant wise-ass. And while some people find it funny, his sarcastic mouth tends to double the trouble he finds himself in. He doesn’t quite know when to stop.

He had a life before Night Vale (or at least he thinks so. To be honest, it kind of comes to him in bits and pieces). A father he never knew. A mother that worked a lot. A latchkey childhood. A lot of drinking in his teens. A lot of broken relationships. A film studies degree. A pregnant wife. A road tunnel, somewhere, that brought him here.

Most of the time, he believes he’s been in Night Vale for at least 8 years. Other times, it feels like he’s only been here a day. And that he can go back — wherever the fuck ‘back’ happens to be — any time he wants to.

For some strange reason, he’s never tried.

He knows he worked for at least two years as a photojournalist for the Night Vale Daily Journal. His camera is as much a part of him as his wallet and his watch (which is weird, right? Wasn’t he better with a film camera than this fucking thing? And yet, he never goes anywhere without his Nikon handy).

Only recently laid off from the Night Vale Daily Journal, Errol had no choice but to take work as a forensic photographer for the Sheriff’s Secret Police.

The work mostly consists of him lounging around at his apartment, waiting to receive a large manilla envelope with his daily mail.

Every envelope contains an exact date & time, a specific address and instructions on where and what to photograph. Included is payment for his last job in cash (anywhere from $300 to $6000). Errol has always followed the instructions exactly.

He was three jobs into the gig when he realized the instructions always placed him before a crime actually happens.

So now, he takes the necessary pictures — before, during and after the event — and once he’s done developing them at home, delivers them to the Sheriff’s Secret Police headquarters in the same manila envelope his payment was sent in.

He has been doing this for going on a year and a half now. And while the pay is fantastic, it’s beginning to take its toll on his conscience.

Errol Delaney

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