Old Woman Josie

Touched by an Angel


Old Woman Josie, out near the The Car Lot, is a citizen living on the edge of town next to You and your trailer and also near Larry Leroy. She calls into the station often to tell Cecil what she knows, and also frequently voices her opinions at City Council meetings.

Her home is the informal shelter for local angels, who help her with various household chores and protect her from things such as the Creeping Fear. The black one helped change her porch light. She seems to be the first person in Night Vale the angels revealed themselves to. As a result, her house is always surrounded by a halo of bright heavenly light.

Old Woman Josie is typically friendly and helpful. She used to bowl in a league with Cecil, and she often calls him at the radio station to report on goings-on she sees around Night Vale, things happening with the angels in her home, and more.

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Old Woman Josie

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