Sheriff's Secret Police

Nightvale's Secret Police Force




The Sheriff’s Secret Police are the main local law enforcement agents in Night Vale. They are responsible for enforcing the strange laws and regulations enacted by Night Vale’s City Council and the constant surveillance of every citizen in Night Vale. Members of the Sheriff’s Secret Police can often be seen patrolling the skies in blue helicopters, and many more agents lurk in the shadows, clad in short capes, blow dart chest-belts, and tight leather balaclavas.12 Their equipment also includes daggers.3 Night Vale Community Radio host Cecil Palmer seems to believe that the Sheriff’s Secret Police act as benevolent protectors of Night Vale, despite their use of gestapo tactics and approval of vigilante justice. The Sheriff’s Secret Police are presumably led by the enigmatic Sheriff of Night Vale, although nobody knows for sure who he is or whether or not he truly exists.

Source Night Vale Wiki

Sheriff's Secret Police

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